Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Catfish Fall To Rome, Eliminated From First Half Title

The Columbus Catfish were eliminated from the Southern Division first half title last night, dropping an 8-0 game to the Rome Braves last night. Augusta swept Asheville in a doubleheader, giving them 13th wins in their last 14 games, and the first half title.

SAL All-Star pitcher Heath Rollins lost his 2nd game in a row, allowing 6 runs on 7 hits in 3 innings.

The Catfish were able to manage just 5 hits. CF Maiko Loyola and LF John Matulia each went 2-for-4. SS Jairo De La Rosa also had a single.

The series with Rome continues today, before the first half concludes with 4 games at Greenville.


  1. "Catfish Fall To Rome"

    First Carthage. Now this.

  2. Well the Fish pooped the bed the last few weeks it seems. Still a good season so far. Basil, how bout those camo jersies? You gonna try to get one?

  3. Jon: Yeah, it's been a rough couple of weeks, that's for sure. And, yeah, I'm going after one of those jerseys. The thing is, the night of the final bidding, the Wife and I are scheduled to be out of town (Vegas, baby!!). So, I'll be stuck getting what's left over for whatever price they set when we get back.

  4. Well the wife and I will be glad to bid for you if you feel comfortable leaving us your cc. Just tell us which shirt and how high you'll go. Believe me, I'm a professional at this. I have about 75 game worn jersies, mostly hockey.


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