Sunday, June 3, 2007

Moving Day ... Sort Of

The Wife and I went Athens yesterday.

It was moving day.

Sort of.

The Little Princess' apartment lease is up at the end of June. And her new apartment lease (she's moving) doesn't begin until the first of August.

And there's this little thing called July.

And that means storing stuff for a month.

So, the Wife and I went to Athens to help her store her stuff.

LT was there, too, of course. But it's pretty hard for one man to move a couch. Or a bed.

But I can help. So I did.

We got everything moved. Well, that's not true. But we got all the big stuff moved. And much of the small stuff.

She's still got some decisions to make about other stuff -- small stuff -- that she's got to go through. Some she'll store. Some she'll keep out. But it's small, light stuff like I said. And she'll be able to handle all that.

So, we came back last night. Got in close to midnight.

I was tired. And sore. Because I'm getting old. Okay, heck, I am old. And I'm getting to old for this kind of stuff.

But perhaps at the first of August, I'll be recovered and ready to go again.


  1. Getting old beats the alternative.

  2. I am sure that Mr. Surber means getting dead, but I like to think that the alternative is getting younger, like me. Well, like everyone around me.

    I was lucky with Bean's moving. I didn't even have to be there. I'll fly up on Wednesday and drive her car back with Pete the beagle in tow. 10 hours with a dog in the car spells trouble.


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