Monday, June 4, 2007

How To Be A Lesbian

No, I'm not about to offer tips on how to become a lesbian.

I don't think such things are possible. Although, not being a lesbian, I can't speak from personal experience.

But you may be wondering why anyone would write something called "How to be a lesbian."

Me too.

You see, I ran across that while going through a spam filter.

In case you aren't aware, blogs that accepts comments and/or trackbacks get spam.

That is, there are some folks that attempt to leave comments or links to Web pages for ... well, for all kind of purposes.

These comments or trackbacks don't have anything to do with the post. They are rude interruptions that are usually attempting to sucker people into buying stuff. Sometimes indirectly, sometimes directly.

Sometimes, these Websites are malicious. That is, they try to crack your computer via your Web browser.

And, there are probably other reasons that people leave spam.

But what amazed me was that I found one with the heading "How to be a lesbian."

Just who is this kind of thing targeting?

Horny teens (you know who you are) or just plain perverts (you know who you are, too)?

Or people that say "WTF?"

Or are spammers having a contest that we don't know about? Like, which spammer can come up with the most ridiculous topic for a spam session?

I just don't understand.

But then, the Wife doesn't understand why I like to watch Whacked Out Sports.


  1. Basil, for a minute, I thought you had really lost it!! :) I've had all sorts of spam but not that one, and hope I don't. But there are many malicious people out there - so watch for more of the same.

  2. Methinks that you watch Whacked Out Sports so you can get the Whacked Out Girls videos. And wish that you had forwarded the e-mail to me. I so want to be a lesbian.

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  4. "How To Be A Lesbian" makes perfect sense in today's culture. With no absolutes, one is encouraged to try anything to find" his/her truth."
    Sex? Try it all to find out who you are!
    Drugs? Try them all and see if they help you in your search for "you."
    Marraige? Try it with many different partners to find which best suits "you."
    Bored? Make a change in your situation or move.
    Career? Don't take any crap from any boss and be ready to make more than one career choice.

    By the time this has been tried, you have a burned out character who is 55 and an expert on the nation's rehab centers!


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