Saturday, June 9, 2007

What it was, was football

Yes, we went to the baseball game last night. But we also went to the football game.

You see, the Wife and I -- okay, it's me, but she goes along -- think that we should attend at least one game of the local sports teams.

We went to a basketball game when the NBDL team was here. Don't care for basketball, but the team was local, so...

We go to at least one Cottonmouths hockey game a year. When they were CHL, ECHL, and now SPHL. Don't care for ice hockey, but the team is local, so...

And, last year, we went to a Chattahoochee Valley Vipers game. The game was okay -- indoor football takes a little getting used to -- and I went back to more games.

That team was thrown out of town for not paying their bills, dropped from the league, and folded.

But several teams got together and started a new league. Including a different team in Columbus: the Columbus Lions. The league settled to four teams, and they started play this year.

Well, last night was the first football game the Wife and I went to. They played the Daytona Beach Thunder, a team from last year's league that jumped to the new league.

The game was scheduled to start at 7:00 PM. So, we got there about 6:00 so we could watch all the pre-game activities.

It turned out the pre-game activities consisted of:
  • "We sell food and soft drinks at this register, but no beer."

  • "A program? Hey, Charlie, how much are the programs? Two dollars? A dollar? A dollar."

  • "You see where the restrooms are?" "Yeah, they're over there."

Or so I thought.

Because we got our drinks, a program, and sat down to watch the stuff on the field.

Not much happened before 7:00.

But then, about 7:08, they cleared the field and the band lined up.

It was a bunch of high school kids from different schools in the area. And they sounded pretty good. But bands these days seem to included dancers instead of twirlers. And they did their spread-leg, pelvic-thrusting dancing that seems to be the thing to do. High school girls didn't do that when I was in high school. Not during the games, anyway.

There was a singer that sang a religious song. No, it wasn't one of those almost-religious songs. But neither as it a traditional hymn, either. Still, it was of a religious nature. Slow tempo, about like that of "Wind Beneath My Wings" or "My Tribute."
And the dancers danced along.

I'm not quite used to a line of girls in t-shirts and short shorts slow-dancing to a religious song. It looked like the choir from the Dirty Dancing A.M.E. Church.

Then, a drumline performance. Which I don't get, either.

Then, the band left and the team Dance Team came out. Not to be confused with the dancers in the band. These girls were grown. Yeah.

Finally, around 7:45, they were almost ready for the 7:00 game to start.

The game itself? Pretty good football. Not great, but good. Real good. Yeah, I'd go back.

To watch the football game. Not the Dance Team.

But, if the Dance Team is there, I'll be polite and watch. And maybe I'll get seats closer to the Dance Team. Uh, I mean closer to the football field.


  1. Good! That means you can now call your local indoor football team the Lie-downs...or the Loins, whichever you prefer! :)

  2. You waited till the last game of the year to support then Lions? Too bad you waited so long, but lucky you they play in the Championship game on June 30th.

    Yes the game was a delayed start, not sure the reason behind that, but I did hear they had a ton of WILL CALL tickets to be picked up and they were expecting a lot of flex tickets to be exchanged. This was the first delayed start of the season.

    As for the game, many of the regular starters were sidelined since the team had secured a bye to the Championship Game (June 30th). The starting center, quarterback, etc were not the regular starters...what can you expect? The Coach tried to save his starters from injury for an important game in a few weeks while giving many others a chance to showcase their talent.

    We attend Columbus Cottonmouth Hockey, the Lions Arena Football, as well as the Columbus Catfish Baseball in fact we are season ticket holders in all the sports.

    Really to give a sport a fair chance you should attend more than one game, unless you really do not care for the sport but please don't wait until the last game of the season to make a judgment...that is totally unfair.

  3. Oh, I've intended to go to a Lions game the whole year. But every home game there was a conflict. Either we were out of town, or there was a Catfish game ... and we're season ticket holders for the Catfish. Since I like baseball more than football, I will usually make that choice. But, since I did want to go to a game, I went to see the Lions last night, then caught the last part of the Catfish game.

    Even with the subs playing almost the entire game, they played well. They didn't win, of course. But their record (10-3) shows how good the team really is.

    Like you said, they've secured a spot in the championship game as the host team. We're out of town that day, and unless we return early, we'll miss it, too. My loss. But I'm glad Columbus does have a team. And it's a bonus that it's a good team.

  4. As the father of a little girl I am depressed, if not shocked. That said, if I had a little boy, I might make the drive down from the Magic City. What can I say? Some responses are hard-wired.

  5. Basil, all intelligent people like baseball more than football. And consider the quote "Dirty Dancing A.M.E. Church" stolen. That is golden, baby.


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