Saturday, June 16, 2007

Waterless Urinal

During a recent trip to the mall, I needed to make a stop at the men's room.

I stepped up to the urinal ... and saw a sign that caught my attention.

It said that it was a waterless urinal.

Apparently that's the latest thing. It seems that Al Gore and Co. are interested in how I pee.

Anyway, it seems that there's now a market for waterless urinals. Folks are spending lots of bucks to install these things, I suppose.


You know, I had never used a waterless urinal before.

Unless you count the last time I walked into a porta-potty at the fair. Or at a construction site.

Of course, the first time I used a waterless toilet was a while back. It was the outhouse at my great-grandparents' place in Gum Branch, GA.

Wow. My great-grandparents were a hundred years ahead of their time.


  1. LOL

    Well, when I get there after 3 cups of coffee, it won't stay waterless for long

    (Rick Lee the blogging photographer said he keeps reminding himself he's only one generation removed from the outhouse>)

  2. These urinals are all the rage at Auburn and have been installed in all of the newer buildings... The funny thing is, when they gave us a tour and included that information, they made a big deal about how the cleaning supplies for them are incredibly expensive and because of this, the negatives outnumber the positives.

  3. I haven't experienced any of the waterless ones in Texas yet. However, most of the urinals here do have a sign above them that says: "PLEASE DON'T EAT THE BIG MINT!"

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