Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where Else But Panama City Beach

While heading to breakfast, we saw a place that, had I thought about it, wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. We are in Spring Break territory, after all.

Condom Knowledge

Yes, the name of the place is "Condom Knowledge."

Is there really a market for a store specializing in rubbers?

I'm reminded of the old Saturday Night Live skits about the Scotch Boutique in the mall. You remember. The place that sold nothing but Scotch Tape, but had every shape, size, and color of Scotch Tape that ever existed.

Condom Knowledge was somebody's brain child, to be sure. But, truth be told, they sell more than condoms. Research on the Internet shows they also sell videos, DVDs, pipes & "smokers articles," "novelties," lingerie, costumes, and women's clothing. Who'd've thunk it?


  1. I've seen that place! Actually wanted to go in out of curiosity, but the wife(girlfriend at the time) said no way. I guess that must have been 5 years ago, kinda surprised it's still there. Don't forget Pineapple Willie's!

  2. It's just across the road from all of the beach condom-miniums - right?

  3. Has anyone been in there? It may not be what you think. :)

  4. Barb: I got the details ... lingerie, DVDs, etc ... from a site that tells about area businesses, so, yes, it's exactly what it appears to be.


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