Sunday, December 13, 2009

The "Best" Movies: Recap, part 5

Some time ago, I decided to watch the "best" movies. I put together a big list from several other lists:
A couple of weeks back, I finally finished the list. Now, I'm offering my thoughts on each of the movies. Going in alphabetical order, I've done 40. Here's the next 10:
  • Cat Ballou
    #10 Western
    What began as a serious western novel was turned into a comedy. And, you get to see Nat King Cole slowly dying of lung cancer over the length of the film. I didn't care for the film. Parts were okay, but really, Barbarella and Dobie Gillis in a western?
  • Cavalcade
    Best Picture (1933)
    You won't be able to watch this movie on TV or DVD. It's just not available in the U.S. I found different clips on YouTube -- uploaded from European versions with sub-titles, Italian, I think -- and put them together to make a complete film. Quite honestly, it wasn't worth the effort.
  • Chariots of Fire
    Best Picture (1981)
  • Chicago
    Best Picture (2002)
    Not as boring, but not entertaining, either.
  • Chinatown
    #19 Top 100 (1998)
    #21 Top 100 (2007)
    #2 Mystery

    It was an okay film. Nicholson was good. Others were okay. If you've seen it, you don't really need to see it again. If you haven't, what can I say but: Forget it. It's Chinatown.
  • Cimarron
    Best Picture (1931)
    Not much to this one. Richard Dix film. If you've heard of him, odds are it's because of his being mentioned in Blazing Saddles ("Our fathers came across the prairies, fought Indians, fought drought, fought locusts, fought Dix... remember when Richard Dix came in here and tried to take over this town?"). The best way to describe this movie is ... a silent film with sound dialog. Really. If you do watch it, you'll understand.
  • Cinderella
    #9 Animation
    A good Disney film. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.
  • Citizen Kane
    #1 Top 100 (1998)
    #1 Top 100 (2007)

    Yes, it is a good film. It's not as good as Casablanca. But all the experts seem to think this is the best ever. It's not. But, yes, it's a good movie.
  • City Lights
    #11 Top 100 (2007)
    #76 Top 100 (1998)
    #1 Romantic comedy

    Charlie Chaplain and the blind girl who thinks he's a rich man. Funny in places. Touching in places. Worth a view.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    #64 Top 100 (1998)
    Richard Dreyfuss gets half a sunburn and builds a mountain out of mashed potatoes. Oh, and aliens play techno-pop. Good film anyway.
That's 50. More to come.

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