Monday, December 7, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-07

  • Checking out the bowl matchups. The "Brut Sun Bowl"? In the 70s, it would have been the "Hai Karate Sun Bowl" #
  • Citi is using your bailout money to sponsor the Rose Bow. Yay! You own the Rose Bowl! #
  • And the Citi National Championship Game. Don't forget that your bailout money is helping pay for that! #
  • So, if Citi gets bailout money, and sponsors the Rose Bowl and the AL vs TX game, does this mean I've already paid for seats? #
  • Should the GOP leaders declare the surge a failure and that the war is lost? Okay, I'm joking. No true American politician would do that. #
  • All you ever wanted to know about the guy that run the BCS: #

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