Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-16

  • Obama's security is so incompetent ... that a couple crashed breakfast with the president ... by accident. #
  • Leave Beer for Santa Instead of Milk #
  • 14? And now a U-Haul? #
  • If it wasn't for TiVo, I would have to stay up on weekends to watch Venture Brothers. #
  • Looks like Oral Roberts couldn't raise $8-million to pay off the Grim Reaper like he did in '87 #
  • I'm as excited about James Cameron's "Avatar" as I was for Michael Cimino's "Heaven's Gate" or Warren Beatty's "Ishtar" #
  • McDonald's to Offer Free Wifi If only the local McD's with WiFi had WiFi that worked... #
  • If the Big 10 adds a 12th team, will they still call themselves the "Big 10"? Or will there be two Big 12s? #
  • US moves to ban 'excessively noisy' TV advertisements My TiVo's "mute" button will be obsolete! #
  • Chile weightlifter has unexpected baby during training Should have done the clean and jerk nine months ago #
  • Woman ordered to not make loud noises during sex #
  • U.S. to move some Guantanamo prisoners to Illinois Will ACORN try to register them to vote? #
  • Scientists find way to block fearful memories Will come in handy on January 21, 2013 #
  • Fewer French restaurants offering horse on the menu Does it come with a side saddle ... uh, salad? #
  • For Westerners, it’s not easy to join the Taliban Maybe Obama will offer a bailout? #
  • NYC seeking condom wrapper designs Big Apple to offer banana bandanas #
  • 'Bed Jumping' Craze Storms the Internet Then: an ass-whuppin' from parents; now: Internet stardom #
  • Son runs up dad's cell phone bill with excessive data usage. The bill? $21,917 #
  • PETA, Ringling Bros. at odds Which group has more clowns? #
  • Finding AT&T DSL down every couple of weeks is really getting old. #
  • If Tiger's doc gave him any performance-enhancing drugs, it was probably a little blue pill. #
  • Bernanke is Time's Person of the Year? Wait until Obama finds out! #
  • How many "one of those days" in a row must occur before it's not "one of those days" but a normal day? #
  • Yay! Zaxby's for lunch! (It's a Georgia thing. You wouldn't understand.) #
  • At lunch, a nearby table's loud conversation included the phrase "white lesbian." I'm either sitting too close ... or too far away. #
  • Make sure the freezer is plugged in; Roy needs a space next to Uncle Walt #
  • Georgia Supreme Court stays execution Seems that 23 years isn't long enough to mount a proper defense #
  • Tiger Woods is AP's "Athlete of the Decade" His event? The 40-whore dash #
  • AT&T DSL is still down. Repair promises a technician by noon tomorrow. #


  1. HEAR YE! O HEAR YE!! I’m having a BIG-OL party on my drawbridge in Heaven after my demise. So, why don't you meet me Upstairs for a beer where you can bitch at me as we play thumb wars? Kick-ass, huh? God blessa youse.

  2. Basil, what format should I use for trackbacks to your post?

  3. Actually, the new setup (via Google's Blogger platform) doesn't use TrackBacks, but Backlinks, which use Google's search results to list links. It doesn't work all that great, as you can tell.


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