Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-22

  • Texting driver 6 times more likely to crash http://bit.ly/6RSdgS We all need to be careful that we don'- - - #
  • Man drives 95 miles to steal a purse, run to a fried chicken restaurant, and get arrested 6 minutes later http://bit.ly/5et9zW #stupid #
  • Murdered Savannah-area couple looks a lot like a couple we ran across last year near Savannah http://bit.ly/4LQJTT Wife is freaked out #
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal ... Unless Thou Hast Not Enough Money And Thou Art In A Major Chain Store http://bit.ly/79qROM #
  • We must pass Obamacare before Roman Polanski rapes again!!11!!! #
  • Obama's new Cybersecurity Czar, Howard A. Schmidt, was once chief security officer at ... Microsoft http://bit.ly/6Cf5IB #
  • Amazon Video On Demand (TiVo, Roku, PC, Mac, etc) has Plan 9 From Outer Space rental for free ... and In Color! http://bit.ly/5p9OOa #
  • We must pass Obamacare to keep vampires from sparkling!!11!!! #
  • The two biggest movies of the year feature 1) giant smurfs and 2) sparkly vampires. This country is going to hell in a handbasket. #
  • We must pass Obamacare before all the 107-year-old women die!!11!!! http://bit.ly/7HGJNA #
  • We must pass Obamacare before Iran gets nukes!!11!!! #
  • We must pass Obamacare before you shoot an eye out!!11!!! #
  • What is it some people hate about Christmas? That whole "peace On earth" bit? Or that "goodwill toward men?" #
  • We must pass Obamacare or they'll cancel Christmas!!11!!! #
  • Both Nelsons got stuff for their votes. Turns out I did rag on the right Nelson after all. #
  • Top Cat's voice is dead http://bit.ly/6mp8wA #
  • We must pass Obamacare before Timmy gets stuck in a well!!11!!! #
  • We must pass Obamacare before Kentucky wins another 2,000 basketball games!!11!!! http://bit.ly/6iMTUB #
  • Snake-bird-dinosaur bones found http://bit.ly/5R3WAO #
  • We must pass Obamacare before all the snake-bird-dinosaur bones are lost!!11!!! #
  • We must pass Obamacare before all the people on Sesame Street die!!11!!! #
  • We must pass Obamacare before Howard Stern quits Sirius!!11!!! #
  • AT&T DSL went out 5 times between 8:00 and 10:00 last night. Why does AT&T hate me? #
  • We must pass Obamacare before Obama's approval rating drops below Bush's!!11!!! #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare before they find more drugs in Brittany Murphy!!11!!! #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare before the Braves trade away any more pitchers!!11!!! #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare before Congress has to buy any more votes!!11!!! #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare to stop Climate Change!!11!!! #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare before more transgender anarchists break more windows!!11!!! http://bit.ly/7enP62 #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare before any more Democratic Congressmen become Republicans!!11!!! #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare before Rahm Emanuel sends you a dead fish!!11!!! #
  • #WeMustPassObamacare or I'll kill this puppy!!11!!! #

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