Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Ark c 1951

I love Harvey's lolbama and lolterizt posts at IMAO.

Sometimes, I submit some captions. And, sometimes, he like them and includes them in his roundups.

He always concludes with an "uncaptioned picture for you to play with." The one one this week's lolbama post made me think of a scene from a movie. I did up a lolbama picture and sent it to him, including a reference link (although I suspect it wasn't necessary).

It's while I was researching the reference link that I ran across a gem of a YouTube video. I thought it was hilarious:

[Direct YouTube link]

As a bonus, the author included a "how it's made" video that I found just as fascinating:

[Direct YouTube link]

That's the kind of talent I wish I had.

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