Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-01

  • Vampires sparkle #thescienceissettled #
  • 11th month of the year, and Georgia has only executed three killers http://bit.ly/4J0sKe #
  • It wasn't a bow #thescienceissettled #
  • Notre Dame needs a new football coach http://bit.ly/67hZY3 I'm unqualified. Based on last few hires, I'd be perfect! #
  • You can reduce the deficit by increasing spending #thescienceissettled #
  • The BCS is wonderful and should go on forever #thescienceissettled #
  • A single football game in January can settle which is the best of 6 undefeated college football teams #thescienceissettled #
  • Obama IS like Star Trek's Mr. Spock. Both are fictional characters whose lines are written by others. Plus, those ears! #
  • I had the idea for XM radio in 1971. And I haven't received the first royalty check. Life is so unfair! #
  • ESPN reports FSU's Bowden to "retire" http://bit.ly/5DBV3s #
  • With Bowden out at FSU, will Jimbo Fisher be the same kind of warden? I mean head coach. Nah. I meant warden. #
  • How did more people die of Swine Flu than contracted Swine Flu? #
  • With Google Wave, I feel like the bushmen in The Gods Must Be Crazy who didn't know what to do with the Coke bottle. #
  • Current administration is not to blame for the State Dinner crashers; they inherited the Secret Service from Bush. #
  • I don't think the media has given Obama enough credit for refraining from saying the police acted stupidly in killing Clemmons #
  • Dear Smart People: If you write a really good tweet, make it RT'able by making it short enough. Thank you for your cooperation. Please RT. #
  • Okay, I need to write that proanity post I've been mulling over or a while. #
  • Alternately, If everyone had a BlackBerry with an 'F' key that sticks, I wouldn't need to write that profanity post... #
  • Ate mostly healthy (Subway) for lunch. As a reward, macadamia nut cookie. Rewards are fun! #
  • I never ran for President for a simple reason: I'm over-qualified; I have a birth certificate. #

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