Friday, December 25, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-25

  • Sister-in-law was robbed at gunpoint at Phenix City K-mart. Police have description of suspect and vehicle. Cash gone. Cards canceled. #
  • All I want for Christmas is 5 minutes alone with the black male, early 20s, 6' tall, that robbed my sister-in-law tonight. Please, Santa! #
  • Watching A Christmas Story on TiVo. #
  • A Christmas Story. Bag of Snickers Minis. 2-liter Coke. Fully lit tree. #
  • GA's GOP Governor asks Democrat Attorney General to “explore ... legal challenges ... to oppose this unconscionable scenario.” #
  • 72-year-old school janitor wins $100,000 in the GA Lottery #
  • Crazy woman plays Whack-A-Pope Video: #
  • Christmas number 73: #
  • My 2009 salary was higher than Apple's Steve Jobs. Yes, it was a very good year for me. #
  • 63% of the U.S. had a White Christmas Gore Effect goes national #
  • All "A Christmas Story"-ed out. Now, the "inconceivable": The Princess Bride #
  • I wonder if Pope Benedict's security detail could get some pointers from the Secret Service #

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  1. Basil, that is terrible man! Jeepers, I hope she's okay. Tell her I breathed a little prayer for her, and pronounced a curse on the bastard.


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