Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-06

  • Watching highlights at halftime. I must know: What was the bet that Boise State lost in 1986? It must have been a doozie! #
  • Sarah Palin stand-up routine: #
  • Cheney 2012? If only. #
  • Hey! Today is Saturday! Are there any football games today? #
  • Is it me, or is every replay out of position today? #
  • Tech wins! #
  • Tech beats that orange team; heads to the Orange Bowl. #
  • Two years ago, ESPN promoted LSU from no 5 to the title game. Who do they annoint tonight? Texas? TCU? Cincinnati? Boise State? #
  • If it's AL vs TX, bowl pick order: Sugar (sub AL), Fiesta (sub TX), Orange (vs Tech), Fiesta (vs sub), Sugar (vs sub) #
  • If it's AL vs TCU/Cincinnati/Boise State, bowl pick order: Sugar (sub AL), Orange (vs Tech), Fiesta (vs TX), Sugar (vs sub) #
  • Waiting on the polls. I have my Division I-A playoff seeding post nearly done. All but the seeding. #
  • Texas beats Nebraska in a Dusty Finish. Do the Longhorns face Alabama? Or does TCU jump them? #
  • Need a 16-team playoff for I-A championship: 11 conferences champs plus five wild-card teams. Use BCS to seed. And then PLAY! #
  • Not your everyday ordinary Nativity Scene. Only in LA. Wonder if they would dress Mohammad in a short dress? #
  • I'm waiting for CGIs (Climate Change Idiots) to say this proves they were right the first time: #
  • If more people ate pulled pork sandwiches, the world would be a safer place... #
  • Outer Limits season 2 on the TiVo via Amazon. Charlie Brown, Ralphie, and the Grinch can wait! #
  • The whole "spit vs swallow" controversy regarding the Safe Schools Czar proves one thing: Obama sucks #
  • A quick check of the fridge: Nathan's dogs, leftover taco meat, shredded cheese, flatbread... so, it's Hot Dog Nacho Cheese Wraps for supper #
  • There is nothing at all wrong with the BCS except that it sucks. #
  • To all but two teams, the BCS rankings are a Death Panel #

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