Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-10

  • Global Warming as high as 15 feet in central U.S. #
  • Holly Sampson Brags About Supposedly Sleeping With Tiger Woods List of men she has NOT slept with is down to 40 #
  • I just realized my blog turned 5 Tuesday And I didn't send it a card. I'm such a slacker. #
  • Watching "Men of a Certain Age" on the TiVo. I know all the songs they play. I think this show is about me. #
  • The Mythbusters temp (Jessi) isted as "featuring" reminds me of Lost In Space having "Special Guest Star" Jonathan Harris on every episode. #
  • When Hank Hill was a little boy, did his dad tell him that, if he was bad, he'd get an empty propane bottle in his stocking? #
  • Santa: For Christmas, don't bring me anything. Rather, take several things away: healthcare, cap and trade... #
  • Which is worse: Al Gore poetry? Or Vogon poetry? #

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