Monday, December 28, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-28

  • Buy drugs or you'll get shot in the ass #
  • California Man Seriously Injured in Fire After Burning Divorce Papers Dumbass. I framed mine. #
  • Is John McCain advising Urban Meyer? #
  • Obama: They tried to bomb Northwest 253 because the GOP doesn't want Guantanamo closed #
  • Terrorists try to blow up U.S. airplanes. So they throw Ivana Trump off a flight? #
  • Anybody consider that maybe Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was angry about some American stealing his inheritance via email? #
  • The terrorists new weapon? Bad Miracle Whip #
  • Nobody check Obama's paperwork. Why should anyone be upset that Abdulmutallab's wasn't checked? #
  • Tribes buy back America — acres at a time Now, we're just going to have to steal it back. Oh, well. #
  • Giant smurfs rule at box office #
  • Remember when it was news if the Saints didn't lose two in a row? #
  • TiVo recorded (as a suggestion) Disney's The Black Hole. Watching it now. Maximilian Schell plays Saddam Hussein. #
  • The system works: *tap tap* DHS: Who is it? T: It's me, terrorists, open up. DHS: Terrorists? T: Yeah, terrorists. DHS: Terrorists' not here #
  • So, Obama is going to spend all of Kwanzaa in Hawaii? #
  • Who the heck is Ty Pennington and why does Sears send me an email asking me to buy his bedsheets? #
  • Napolitano: no evidence of wider plot Investigators: Evidence of wider plot #
  • Indian Governor, 86, Resigns Over Sex Tape Give "Bollywood" a whole new meaning, doesn't it? #
  • TSA should go away and let passengers kick the ass of any terrorist who tries something? Worked Friday. #
  • "If we pulled his visa or banned him from flying, that would have alerted him" Handbasket loaded, hell in sight #
  • If you pee on an airplane, the terrorists win #
  • "The system worked?" So, people taking care of things for themselves works? #
  • So, just how do time zones work? Alabama McDonald's drive-thru girl told me and car behind me "Good afternoon." #
  • 9/11 happened on Bush Day 234 and it's Bush's fault. Northwest 253 happened on Obama Day 339 and it's Bush's fault. #
  • Does this administration have to pay royalties to Ted Mack? #
  • Do government sales figured include all gifts "given or returned?" #
  • Is that a bomb in your undershorts or are you just happy to see me? #
  • Max Baucus will give drunks a bad name #
  • Max Baucus #CouldBeStarWarsNames #
  • Barack Obama #CouldBeStarWarsNames #
  • Urban Meyer #CouldBeStarWarsNames #
  • Some guy in New York won $162 million last week, so #thesystemisworking #
  • Maybe Napolitano meant the system worked by failing. I mean, that makes as much sense as anything that crowd says. #
  • 125 Pilot Whales die on New Zealand beaches, 43 saved #TheSystemWorked #
  • Just so I'm clear: the system worked, and it's Bush's fault it didn't? #
  • Any bets on if AbdulMutallab's family had warned he was a right-wing extremist, he'd have been stopped? #TheSystemWorked #
  • Couple stranded in snow after GPS sent them down a forest road #TheSystemWorked #
  • TMZ fell or JFK photo hoax #TheSystemWorked #
  • It has seemed like a Monday all day. What's up with that? #
  • It's official: al Qaeda is an large, far-reaching, organized network of "isolated extremists" #
  • Obama uses the OJ Simpson method for fighting terrorists: "will not rest" until suspects are caught ... while on a golf vacation #
  • Give Obama a break. When he's golfing, he's not overseas apologizing... #
  • Wait. Obama is out of the White House for several days. This means somebody is about to "resign," right? Wonder who? #
  • Mmm. Pizza. #

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