Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-12-29

  • Changed my blog's theme Friday. Forgot the SiteMeter code. Now, daily average has gone from pitiful to "bless his heart" #
  • I'm not working today. Why am I up? Oh, wait, I know the cure for that... #
  • ABC News: Muslim Cleric Anwar Awlaki linked to Ft. Hood, Northwest Terror Attacks http://bit.ly/4HUHj3 Not at war with Islam, huh? #
  • If a Nigerian tried to light a surfboard, maybe Obama would take action http://bit.ly/76rEkr #
  • TMZ and the JFK photo "hoax" is missing the big story: It's proof Kennedy faked his death! And the moon landing! http://bit.ly/8SaNtC #
  • Has there been a Dumbass of the Year award yet? I want to nominate every dumbass that voted for Obama. #
  • Is the media ever going to start referring to Vinny Del Negro as Vinny Del African-American? #
  • Android and iPhone users not so different after all http://bit.ly/4VNZSN Both pay too much for poor service #
  • Germans crack mobile phone codes http://bit.ly/8pFhk6 Fortunately, WWII wasn't fought with mobile phones #
  • Homeland Security Touts 2009 Accomplishments, Including ‘Secure Flight’ Program http://bit.ly/66MKpp #
  • Govt-funded phones to help border crossers find water? http://bit.ly/5WX6T1 Can our border agents get some of these? #
  • Obama: "Systemic Failure" Allowed Attack http://bit.ly/5BagIJ The system that failed? The 2008 election. #

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