Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brangelina, Bender, Boobs

"Ellie Light" writes letters to the editor all over the country ... and claims to be a local resident each time. Oh, I believe her. It explains how Obama voters can vote in several states.

When news reports came out that Jean Simmons had died, I wonder how many were confused, thinking it was Gene Simmons. And I'm talking news reporters who are supposed to know better. Anyway, Jean Simmons was a famous actress once, and a good actress always.

Now, in the UK, there's a call for euthanasia booths (tip: Allahpundit). Pardon, but isn't that how Fry met Bender?

Oh, Mercy Mercy Me (The Economy): The Dow suffers worst week since ... earlier in the Obama administration

Gay Talese, the "Father of New Journalism" is coming to Columbus. So, how's that "New Journalism" working out? I'd suggest that this is now a stop on the "New Journalism" farewell tour.

Someone found a picture of a woman with the biggest boobs on the planet! (via GregWHoward > TheBlogshevik)

I wonder if the Brangelina split has to do with Angelina Jolie becoming more conservative? Remember, she is Jon Voigt's daughter.

Evil Obama. Heh.

Obama can't govern. But he can campaign.

Europe welcomes Obama bank plan. But they won't imitate it. I'm sure it's a wonderful plan. So wonderful, others won't get near it. Of course, a weaker US means a stronger everybody else.

Texting meets telephone pole. You'd think people would learn.

Finally, for those that missed it, Laurie Bailey's husband died. Prayers.

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