Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thoughts for 2010-01-13

  • Sex offender Jim Phillip Hollie is called sex offender Jim Phillip Hollie. Angry sex offender Jim Phillip Hollie sues #
  • We must pass Obamacare or they'll replace Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man!!1!!! #
  • We must pass Obamacare, or Jay Leno will return to 11:35 #
  • If Leno moves to 11:35, and Conan leaves NBC for Fox, my viewing habits will change ... not one bit. #
  • New Walmart slogan: "Now with less poison jewelry" #
  • I keep reading stories that refer to "Lady Gaga" and I don't know what that is. Should I google it? Or is ignorance bliss? #
  • New Walmart Greeter job requirement: punching bag #
  • Thieves steal $1-million from Usher's SUV Now everyone know Usher carries around $1-million #
  • ME: Hey, that's a Quizno's, not a Firehouse. SHE: Yeah. ME: But I drove here to eat at Firehouse. SHE: Bless your heart. #
  • Windshield wiper wearing a rain coat. Must be some serious rain in the forecast. #
  • It's now established that "Negro" is acceptable for Caucasion Democrats to say. Somebody let Robert Byrd know when "Colored" is okay again. #
  • If the Dems are going to give Reid a pass, they should give Blago a pass, too. #
  • Democrat-affiliated Public Policy Polling has GOP's Brown leading in Mass. Senate race #
  • What if Fox expands nightly programming by an hour and puts Conan on at 10:00 PM? #
  • So Conan may give up the Tonight Show? I blame George Bush. #

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