Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts for 2010-01-15

  • If Sarah Palin is bad because she's a "polarizing figure," what does that make Barack Obama? #
  • Network and firewall issues rock!! No, wait. That's not right. They suck!! #
  • Interesting that some call the Haiti disaster of "Biblical perportions" and then criticize Pat Robertson's biblical interpretation. #
  • I'm not defending Pat Robertson. It's just interesting to see ways the Old Testament is referenced. #
  • Two ways to help: and #
  • Biden holds closed meeting on openness #
  • Is al Qaeda targeting your fish? #
  • Woman just parked, came into McDonalds, filled baby bottle from fountain dispenser, and left. Must try that some time #
  • I cannot wait until payday! I'll be able to buy some cheese to go with the bologna sandwiches! #JanuarySucks #
  • Maybe Coakley should lobby to release GTMO terrorists in Massachusetts. She sure could use their vote. #
  • After much thought and deliberation... #TeamLeno #
  • I wonder what the girl at Wendy's thinks when ask for a Diet Coke with my order, then ask to add a Frosty? #
  • Tomorrow's Friday, right? Only one more day of this crap. #

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