Monday, January 25, 2010

Blame Bush and other news stories

Fox News reports that the GOP wants Obama to compromise. They have Obamacare on the ropes, and want to stop all this fighting? Have these jackasses learned nothing? We really don't need to compromise on anything. Think about it: If Congress never passes another law or raised another tax, would it be such a bad thing?

I don't watch a lot of pro football anymore. It's all offense. Remember when football teams played defense? Those were the days. Sunday's NFC championship was the first time I've cheered for Minnesota since Fran Tarkenton was their quarterback. And paid off just as well.

The Daily Telegraph reports that UBL may have signaled an attack?

Speaking of attacks by those that hate America, James Carville has a new strategy for Democrats: Blame Bush!

Somebody wants to dig up Da Vinci to see if he's actually the Mona Lisa. No, it's not a fake news story by the Onion. It's real.

Headline of the day: Dick charged with sexual abuse.

Politico reports that three different Obama spokesmen appeared on three different news shows on Sunday, and gave three different estimates on jobs. Seems Obama's spokement can't get their lies straight.

Nobody told Wal-mart. They announced they're going to cut 11,200 jobs.

Who knew the Scorpions were still together? Oh, right. They're not. Now.

Twitter said Johnny Depp was dead. Johnny Depp says he's not. Who ya gonna believe?

Microsoft sues TiVo. Some legal thing. They mess with my TiVo, and there'll be hell to pay.

The odd news story of the day: Man, 2 horses injured in a stage coach accident.

Finally, Brad & Angelina split rumors not true, say sources. I can sleep soundly now!

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