Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thoughts for 2010-01-12

  • Bill Clinton was wrong. Barack Obama would never have passed background checks for the job of getting Clinton's coffee. #
  • Bird vs lawn mower: my money is on the lawn mower #
  • Gas prices heading up: http://bit.ly/70JuWy I blame Obama's friends in the oil industry. #
  • Report: World's first sex robot http://bit.ly/4zDlXW First? I guess they're not counting the sexy, sexy Al Gore. #
  • Give blood, get a beer http://bit.ly/7T1wS1 #
  • Crazy White Boy http://bit.ly/875CLh #
  • A facelift for Harry Reid? http://bit.ly/5DudAF I don't know, but he sure does appear light-skinned and has no noticeable Negro dialect. #
  • Perhaps one day, we'll all be Amish http://bit.ly/8nICUx #
  • Health Care Overhaul Bill Is 'Hanging by a Thread' http://bit.ly/5IAqNL As should most of the bill's supporters #
  • Ft. Stewart soldier jailed for rap song http://bit.ly/8LsBIq Now, if only everyone else followed the Army's lead... #
  • McGwire used steroids http://bit.ly/6LB8cn Which means my blog post of 12/10/2004 was correct: http://bit.ly/5X0vZe #
  • Avatar is racist -- even though the characters didn't have a noticeable Azul dialect http://bit.ly/8pspUG #
  • Simon Cowell quits "American Idol." Which means I'll see him on TV as much in 2011 as I have since 2002. Which means not at all. #
  • 104-year-old Strongman Dies After Being Bit by Car http://bit.ly/6bYqug #
  • If we don't pass Obamacare, Conan O'Brien will sign with Fox!!1!! #
  • 36% support Obamacare http://bit.ly/5p3WkD That's the same percentage that believe in UFOs http://bit.ly/5Pzoo9 #
  • According to Harry Reid, "Pocky-stahn" is NOT Nego dialect for "Pakistan" #

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