Saturday, January 23, 2010

The world looks like the villains' lair on Batman

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Been fighting a really bad cold -- or something -- for nearly a week. While sitting in the doctor's waiting room, because of the cough, I had to wear a mask. It fogged my glasses. Which meant I could then add blindness to my symptoms.

The doctor gave me some drugs, and warned me that they would affect me. They did. For a little while, the whole world was a cellophane bag. And smelled -- I don't know -- purple? Didn't put me out at first. After a little bit, everything looked like a scene from the villains' lair on the old Batman show. Or I was tilting. One or the other. Then, it put me out for a couple of hours. One of the drugs, though, will be done this weekend. The other, I'll have to take for a couple of more days.

In the real world -- at least, what I think is real, since these drugs make it confusing -- the Secretary of State says "we will not back down" regarding Iran's nuclear program. Fred Thompson said it best: Wouldn't we have to stand up to Iran before we could refuse to back down?

Did you read this at Fox: Hugo Chavez Mouthpiece Says U.S. Hit Haiti With 'Earthquake Weapon'? (tip: stix1972) At least he didn't say anything crazy, like fire can melt steel. I wonder how long before those Hollywood nutcases start spouting the same thing as their hero Hugo?

John Stewart called out Keith Olbermann (hat tip Ed Morrissey at Hot Air)
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Oh, that whole Global Warming™ evidence that NASA has? Doesn't exist. (tip: Dr. Melissa Clouthier)

Charles Krauthammer sums it up: "The antipathy to George W. Bush is so enduring and powerful that ... it just elected a Republican senator in Massachusetts? Why, the man is omnipotent."

In Lorton, Virginia, a meteorite hit a doctor's office. (tip: Mad Conservative). You know, if God threw a rock at my doctor, I'd get a new doctor.

Lots of folks on them Internets and on the Twitter have been criticizing Sarah Palin for campaigning for Sen. John McCain. Would they be happier if she was disloyal to the man who put her on the national stage?

According to Rasmussen, 45% of Americans approve of Obama's job performance. That means that 45% of Americans still have their heads up their butts.

Another poll? Sure. According to Bloomberg, Obama is seen as anti-business by 77% of U.S. investors. To which I say, "Well, duh!"

One more poll? Sure. Democrat-sponsored Public Policy Polling has former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee beats Obama, 45% - 44% (tip KOSMOSNET).

More numbers? Sure. Unemployment in Alabama has hit 11%. Les Phillip, who's running for Congress in Alabama's 5th district (not my district; I already have a good Congressman), says "Congress needs to cut Federal Taxes on our businesses so we can create jobs."

In a completely unrelated matter, the Facebook finally quit offering me ads featuring Obama. Now, it's Al Gore ads. Facebook hates me!

Early reports indicated that there were not enough votes to reconfirm Bernanke. Some were worried that if Bernanke wasn't reconfirmed, Obama might nominate someone worse. So what? Don't confirm him, either.

Sky News reports Holiday Inn is launching a "Human Bed Warming" in the UK. Sounds like a great job for fat people. Not sweaty fat people, though.

Fox News has a story that ought to scare adulterers: Imagine if your former, longtime mistress took out billboards with pics and quotes.

One final thought: Recent elections show that Democrats have dropped to number two. Why doesn't NBC cancel them? Or at least replace them with Leno?

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