Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thoughts for 2010-01-02

  • SEC is now 1-2 in bowls: Va Tech beat Tennessee last night in the Chicken Sandwich Bowl. Today, Auburn, LSU, and Florida play. #
  • RT @allahpundit: Leave Napolitano alone! #
  • RT @blondegator: #Auburn, you are letting the #SEC down. Get it together pronto! #
  • RT @thekencook: George Soros believes in "a strong central international govt to correct for the excesses of self-interest." Sound familiar? #
  • RT @coryodonnell: I've never seen a team shit the bed so much in so little time like Auburn. Kudos to Northwestern for capitalizing. #
  • Who wants to NOT win the Outback Bowl the most: Auburn or Northwestern? It's a toss-up. And overtime. #
  • I say again: Which team wants to NOT win the Outback Bowl the most? #
  • Finally. Auburn 38, Northwestern 35. I think. #
  • RT @JohnJ2427: Iraq is not getting nearly as much media attention now that it can't be used as a political weapon. #
  • Tangerine/Citrus/Capital One Bowl is traditional football: Three yards and a cloud of mud. #
  • TSA nominee lied to Congress about inappropriately accessing confidential records: #
  • Actually, Southers would be great to lead the TSA ... if his wife ever starts dating terrorists #
  • RT @HowardKurtz: CNN says Rush to hold news conference. Dittohead alert. #
  • Ice cream. I want ice cream. #
  • You know, it doesn't matter. What's traditional ice cream for New Year's Day? 2009 was Rocky Road, for sure. @EauPureEtClaire #
  • Nothing says "funny" like two teammates drawing handguns on each other over a gambling debt. #
  • NBA's Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton pull guns over a gambling debt. And Pete Rose is still banned from baseball for gambling #
  • Never! RT @EauPureEtClaire: @basilsblog Long as you're not switching from Rocky Road to Very Barry, er, Berry this year... #
  • There's a hole in the moon Doesn't Ron Popeil have something that will fix that? #
  • CNN story refers to a "moon hole" Sounds like something Anderson Cooper would say #
  • Where'd the LSU quarterback learn clock management? At Penn State? #
  • RT @ExJon: And Rush Limbaugh owns the news cycle for the first day of 2010. Expect that to happen ~364 times this year. #
  • How long before the left says Rush faked it so he could call a news conference and say health care is great as is? #
  • Wife: I want a Great Pyrenees. Me: I visited that when I was in Egypt. It was awesome! #
  • RT @EauPureEtClaire: Nancy Pelosi ... Wicked Witch of the West ... Bucket of water ... Still really funny if it doesn't work... #
  • Kwanzaa is over. And I forgot to ... do whatever the heck you do during Kwanzaa. #
  • Just found out Michael Jackson's step-grandfather's house still stands in Russell County, AL. I think I'll run by there. Or not. #
  • Former Lesbian Defies Custody Case Order #
  • Ohio State leads Orgeon 7-0 early in the WhoCaresAboutTheseTwoTeams Bowl in Pasadena #
  • Go ahead. Shoot bullets into the air in celebration. What could go wrong? #
  • Can you blame the cops for giving chase when they saw the Coke machine swerving down a Tennessee highway? #
  • Now, Northwest is checking packages in mid-flight? #
  • Brittney Spears is Fox's Celebrity of the Decade And after all Michael Jackson did to compete for the title... #
  • RT @AoSHQ: Tom Hayden: "It's time to strip the Obama sticker off my car." #
  • Coke-can explosive found in Texas #
  • RT @MelissaTweets: RT @EmailCopywriter: Top 5 Most Outrageous News Stories of 2009 #
  • As long as she gets attention and people are stupid enough to talk about her... Or, ahem, tweet about her #
  • Kurt Westergaard's security could give the Secret Service ... or the Pope ... some pointers #
  • Burglar does it doggie-style #
  • RT @wsredneck: I remember last year as if it was yesterday. RT @comedyclipsblog (via @funnyoneliners) #
  • Coming up! Cincinnati and Florida in the DudeWheresMyCoach Bowl #
  • Now they finally confirm that a 2nd man was detained on Northwest 253 #
  • TSA decides to not go after bloggers after all #
  • Sea lions disappearing from San Francisco If it was sea cows, I'd have a great Nancy Pelosi joke... #
  • Spider-man works for Mickey Mouse #
  • Somebody needs to run a vacuum over the carpet in the Superdome. #
  • Pac-10 officials are calling the Sugar Bowl? They couldn't find any from a major conference? #
  • Charles Johnson Denounces the “Right-Wing Racism” of a Picture Forwarded by . . . a Democrat - #
  • President's model for efficient health care stop accepting Medicare patients #
  • The Tebow-cam? #
  • Thanks goodness an SEC team played like an SEC team today. #
  • So far, SEC is only 3-3 in bowls: Florida, Auburn, and UGA won; KY, TN, LSU lost. Still ahead: USC, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Alabama. #
  • Columbus nearly made it through the first day of the year without someone being shot to death #

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