Monday, January 4, 2010

Thoughts for 2010-01-04

  • Giant smurfs rule at the box office Me? I have TiVo and Netflix. #
  • More Dems opposing moving Gitmo prisoners to Yemen #
  • Man opts for jail over New Year with relatives I have some relatives like that... #
  • U.S.: No ‘smoking gun’ in airline bombing plot Just smoking underwear... #
  • I hate when football announcers incorrectly call an endaround a "reverse." There is a difference. via Kirsten #
  • Watching Buster Keaton on teh TiVo. He was teh awesome! #
  • Watching Georgia vs Notre Dame (1981 Sugar Bowl) on ESPN Classic. I was at that game. Finally get to see it on TV. #
  • Obama hanged in effigy, which, apparently, is in Sumter County, Georgia #
  • When somebody went through the wrong door in a Three Stooges short, hilarity ensued. Not so at EWR #
  • Pat-downs for all travelers from 14 nations Now, 80-year-old grandmothers AND Libyans will be screened #
  • Did I miss it, or did no one get fired/resign while Obama was out of the office? Not even Napolitano. #
  • China says 5,394 arrested in Internet porn crackdown If only they'd crack down on spammers #
  • My question for Bernanke: Who regulates Frank and Dodd? #
  • Waiting on the Obama administration to blame Bush for the lockdown at Newark #

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