Saturday, January 30, 2010

Osama, Obama ... and other news

Good news for Al Gore: He's convinced Bin Laden to join his cause.

With his Global Warming stance, Bin Laden is now odds-on favorite for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

BREAKING: Bin Laden announces support for Obamacare.

Enough about Osama. But, about that other dude that's trying to destroy America: I think Obama would be more popular if he had a laugh track.

Oh, on an unrelated note: Did Apple have to pay royalties to Carrot Top for the design of the iPad? I know I saw one in his act in Vegas.

Let's see what's on the schedule for today... Oh, yes, my niece is in a pageant. She's competing in the Miss Wayne County pageant tonight. So, today will be a day of traveling, dealing with relatives I miss, as well as dealing with relatives I don't miss.


  1. Yes, Obama and Osama have much in common. Let's send Obama to negotiate with Osama. Obambi thinks he can sing kumbaya with all these dictators and terrorists and everything will be alright. What a moron. Maybe, that would rid us of Obama and save us from him destroying our country?

  2. Obama does have a laugh track. It's called the Tea Party movement.

    How have you been, Basil? Go enjoy the pageant.

  3. Teresa: I'm hoping next time Obama is out of the country, somebody will change the locks on the White House.

    Nickie: Good one. Oh, and thanks. We're so proud of our niece.


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