Friday, January 29, 2010

State of the State of the Union ... and other news

Obama gave a speech the other night. Did anyone else know about this? In case you missed it, here are come thoughts on it...

What Obama's been doing lately has helped conservatives. Good news: Obama doesn't quit. He's gonna keep making conservatives look good. Me like.

Obama said "I take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the American people." Which is his way of saying "It's my fault you're too stupid to understand." Jeri Thompson agreed.

What I heard Obama say: We need more cowbell!

Someone else made the news. Associate Justice Samuel Alito was seen saying "not true" to Obama's criticism of a recent Court ruling. Why did Alito say that? He's too polite to say "Who voted for this ass clown?"

Jake Tapper suggests that the Court might skips next year's State of the Union.

About the State of the Union speech, and the GOP response, read this by Kathleen McKinley.

Oh, as for Chris Mathews "forgot he was black" comment, I agree with Doug Mataconis: The only time I watch MSNBC anymore is when somebody sends me a YouTube of Chris Matthews latest insanity.

One final thought: Obama's State of the Union speech killed J.D. Salinger.

Did you hear? Ford -- the car company that turned down bailout money -- made a profit in 2009.

One last dig at Obama: Even a liberal like Feinstein says don't try KSM in NYC.

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  1. I want Barney Frank's head on a plate. Unfortunately, he'll be re-elected. Because the morons that voted for Obama are the same morons that have no idea

    A) Who Barney Frank is
    B) How Barney Frank caused the economic crisis we're in now
    C) Will vote for Barney Frank again

    I live in MA, I was proud a few days ago. I am now back to being ashamed.

    Ashamed of the fellow morons that surround me.

    I am sorry America.

    I truly am. This state is the front-runner in destroying this country...and I live here.

    I really don't know what else to say but I'm sorry.


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