Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts for 2010-01-03

  • Global Warming kills scores in India #
  • Watching Star Trek (2009) again. It's better the second time. And, so far, the third time. #
  • Now even Obama knows the Northwest 253 attack was an al Qaeda attack #
  • The Wife and I have held out as long as we can. Watching "Lost" on the TiVo: season One, pilot episode #
  • SEC is at 4-4 in bowls. Mississippi beat Oklahoma State, but South Carolina lost ... to UConn! #
  • SEC at 5-4 in bowls: Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi win; Kentucky, LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee lose. #

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  1. Hey Basil! Man, what is up with our SEC? I mean, I hoped against hope that LSU would beat Joe PA...but had my doubts. Auburn struggled. SC & TN looked miserable. Ole Miss didn't look all that good, yet then won.

    And stinkin' Arkansas...East Carolina Barber College??? ???

    Man, maybe we have overrated ourselves this season. But good on your Dawgs! And on the Gators...what a laugher...quite possibly the worst match-up in the history of bowl games.

    I'm holding my fire until the 'Bama-Horns game is finis. The way this bowl season has gone, I'm afraid to state the obvious ahead of time.

    BTW: I like the new blog look. Real sophisticated and all.

  2. UGA's big win was against a 6-6 team. Auburn did everything they could to lose.

    Thankfully, Florida showed up. Here's hoping Alabama shows up, too.


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