Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts for 2010-01-14

  • Sarah Palin yet to weigh in on the whole Leno-Conan thing. Fox News isn't getting its money's worth. #
  • NBC has a plan to air comedies at 10PM. It's video of their programming staff's planning sessions. #
  • RT @donsurber: RE tweets suck #
  • SoCal made a brilliant decision in hiring Lane Kiffin. 4-4 in the SEC = 8-1 in the Pac10. #
  • Will the UN stop criticizing the US long enough to accept our help in Haiti? #tcot #
  • My sources say that Tennessee will paint the field orange if Boise State's Chris Petersen will agree to coach them. #
  • If you were a Martian tree, what kind of tree would you be? #
  • Conan pulled a Tebow #
  • The terrible news from Haiti makes me wish that Leno and Conan were the only news stories happening. #
  • Time changes everything. 15 yrs ago, DDP was Diamond Dallas Page. Today, it's Diet Dr Pepper. #
  • Today's music falls into 2 categories: incomprehensible noise, or iPod commercial #
  • Why not refugees in IL and terrorists in GTMO RT @foxnewspolitics: US Considers Housing Haitian Refugees at Guantanamo #
  • After a day like today, this goes on my answering machine: I'm not taking calls right now. Please leave a message at the dial tone. #
  • Why I bought a Mac: RT @sarahk47: Going to install a NEW install of Windows 7 now. Here's hoping it's not the soul vampire that Vista is. #

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