Saturday, March 27, 2010

At least she's not robbing liquor stores

The local daily newspaper has a columnist that is a lying racist.

They'll disagree, because she's black. And the race she hates is White. Or, at least, not Black.

Kaffie Sledge wrote in the Columbus Leftist Ledger-Enquirer:
Thinking people have long been aware that the real problem with health care reform is not health care reform. The real problem is the non-white president of the United States.

The general disrespect for President Barack Obama displayed by the likes of the tea party people has not only set the country back, but it has also given others a lingering look at who we really are.
She says that I oppose Obamacare because I'm a racist? But what about the fact that I opposed Hillarycare back in the 1990s? Oh, she doesn't know that. That would involve gathering facts. And, the racist left doesn't care about facts.

Sledge perpetuates the lies and smears of the left. She repeats the lie that John Lewis had racial epithets yelled at him. There are videos of the event, and no such slurs are heard. There is a $10,000 bounty to anyone who can provide video evidence of such slurs. Or if Lewis passes a lie detector.

But those are facts. Which the left really doesn't like. Because the facts show they're wrong. About just about everything.

People wonder why crime is so bad in Columbus. It's because people like Kaffie Sledge are allowed to walk around in public without either medical escort or an armed guard watching them.

Of course, if more racist nuts who believe and perpetuate the lies of the left wrote newspaper columns instead of knocking off liquor stores, it might be safer.

Maybe the newspaper is actually doing us a favor.

If only they printed her stuff in invisible ink.


  1. You should check out our local paper, The Clarion Ledger. It is minimally 90% racist stories. And laughable.

  2. People write about what they know. If they're racists, they write that others are racist.


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