Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BlackBerry, Verizon, consequences ... and not much other news

Did something Monday night I hadn't done in a while. I decided to connect my BlackBerry to my Mac. The idea was to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to change some settings. You see, I use Google Calendar and synchronize it with my BlackBerry.

I had been receiving a notice that a setting that was synchronizing the calendar on the BlackBerry and the Mac was (potentially) keeping the sync from happening. Though I hadn't seen a problem, the I hated the notice. So, I figured I'd change the settings via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

So, how'd that work out? Not too good.

My BlackBerry crashed. 507 screen. No operating system. That's not good.

I took it by the Verizon service center at Hooterville, and, within an hour, they had the BlackBerry back up.

The bad news is that I had to reconfigure my settings (ring tones, etc), as well ad redownload apps. So far, I haven't found a way to get back some of the paid apps I had. So, there's still more work to do. But, the BlackBerry is back. And that's the main thing.

I'm unhappy that the BlackBerry crashed. I'm very happy with the service from Verizon.

Some have suggested that I get an iPhone. But none of those that suggested an iPhone live around here. Because AT&T's cell service around here is not good. -- Yes, I use AT&T for Internet service at the house, because it is very good service; I'm totally happy with it. Just the cell service here that I'm not happy with.

I've been looking at other phones, like Android. And, since Verizon carries those, they are an option. But, staying with the BlackBerry for now.

Oh, the thought for the day: The American people have now realized their vote had consequences. Come November, Democrats need to learn that lesson, too.

With my BlackBerry back, I'm back on teh Twitter when I'm not tied to the Mac:

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