Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama, Matt Damon ... and other asses

A Native Hawaiian government? If they give part of Hawaii its own government, can they include the hospital where Obama was born? And, if they do, will Obama then suddenly discover he was born in Kansas?

Matt Damon's Green Zone movie had a poor showing. That could have been prevented if they had done a tie-in that included Rumsfeld action figures.

Despite reports that Obama was not a "Professor," he actually was. If that's short for "Professional Agitator."

Yesterday ... actually, the entire weekend ... was focused on one thing: a colonoscopy. I was going to live-Tweet it, but, really, you didn't want that, now did you?

They wouldn't let me use my BlackBerry anyway, during the procedure. Plus, when the anesthesiologist started her drugs, I said, "Oh, yeah, the drugs are starting to..." And that's all I remember.

After it was over, the doctor said I need to more vegetables. Macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, right?

I was groggy from the anesthesia for a while afterward. I tweeted that. And the BlackBerry spell-check didn't recognize "groggy" as a word.

"Groggy" is a word, though, isn't it? If not, it should be. 'Cause that's how I felt.

When I left clinic, the wheeled me out the back door. You know. Away from the paparazzi.

I thought about posting a video of the colonoscopy. But I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to see it. If you do, watch this.

Who knows what other medical procedure I might tweet in the future? You can, if you follow me on teh Twitter: http://twitter.com/basilsblog

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  1. You should have gone on camera, and you would have been in elite company. I think Katie Couric, Homer Simpson, and maybe Charlie Gibson, just a few weeks ago, did this.

    Know you are glad it's over so you can get to those yellow veggies.


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