Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Maybe Obama never heard a single sermon Jeremiah Wright gave because he was never there.

The president hasn't been attending church, and now says he won't be joining any church. He's be too much of a disruption:
"I think obviously he shares the strong belief that there's a very personal nature to one's spirituality," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters last June. "And for it to be -- for his presence to be disruptive [at a public church], I think he believes that takes away from the experience that others might get and he certainly doesn't want to do that."
He has a point. How could God keep worshipers attention when Obama is in the building?

Of course, President George W. Bush didn't join a Washington church, either, but he regularly attended the Episcopal church across the street from the White House. (Bush is Methodist, but his parents George and Barbara are Episcopal.)

Obama isn't missing out on his daily dose of devotion. He gets them sent to his BlackBerry.

I'm not sure how he takes communion on that thing.

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