Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Breed

Silly Jenn. Actually trying to have a conversation with a bunch of liberals:
I asked if any of them celebrating the new "Health Care" plan actually knew how what Nancy, Steny, Reid and Obama were talking about when they said Obamacare would save us money.

The answers....when not totally ignoring my question and talking about feelings, were lacking in any basis of fact and when I repeated my question they called me a nigger. No, not a nigger, a "New Breed Nigger".
Naturally, the leftists can't be racist. Even though their comments were based on race. And used words that were racially offensive. You see, they're leftists. They can't be racist.

And, since I'm a conservative, I must be racist.

At least they didn't call Jenn a racist cracker. Then, that would have been an improvement.

Or would it? I'm not sure which racist remarks are okay any more.

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