Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pushy Verizon, blasphemous actors, angry dogs ... and other news

At lunch yesterday, I noticed a Skype icon just appeared on my BlackBerry. My first thought was "WTF?!" Then I confirmed that Verizon pushed it on BlackBerry users.

Verizon pushed something on us that we didn't ask for? Who runs that company, Barack Obama?

Imagine the outcry if it had been Muhammad in this story.

Have the Democrats blamed the tea party for that deadly coffee shop blast in Iraq?

Maybe the tea party sank that South Korean ship.

A dog was sent to anger management after it mauls a police car (video here). We need to pass Bo-care!

A Braves minor league player has been charged with offering $75 for sex. How much did Obama offer to screw America?

A Forsyth County Gergia 7th-grader was suspended for sexting nude pictures of herself to boys. I blame the TeaParty!

Then there was the drunk Pennsylvania man that tried to resuscitate dead opossum. Yes, he was arrested.

Don't forget about the marijuana that ended up at a bakery in Marietta, Georgia.

"24" is canceled. But, don't fret. they're going to make a "24" movie. And you thought "Lord of the Rings" was a long film!

Yay! TiVo decided to record Clash of the Titans! Nothing like cheesy special effects and bad acting to cure insomnia. And, yes, it worked.

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