Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WMD, XP, AI ... and other news

Wife no longer gets to pick where we eat lunch. Place she picked yesterday had a big ol' picture of Obama on the wall. Food was good, but...

Three men were arrested on sex charges at Gwinnett County, Georgia Kmart. More proof that Kmart is teh ghey.

So, the Hutaree bombs are WMDs, but what Saddam had isn't? If only Saddam had claimed to be a Christian...

"Hutaree" still sounds like something from Star Wars.

Proof Microsoft runs NBC: Windows XP, still the number 1 OS, is canceled.

Erykah Badu's clothes were actually removed by a man on the grassy knoll.

A Columbus, Georgia woman attacked a man with scissors. If only the man had a rock. Because rock beats scissors. But then, the woman may have had paper...

Why don't I watch American Idol? Stuff like this: Savannah American Idol finalist arrested for fighting.

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