Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beaching, bitching ... and other news

Signs you're at the beach:
SHE: Ooh!
ME: What!
SHE: It's either a cute little crab or a big-ass spider.

Wife talked about going to the Beulah Sausage Festival yesterday. Why was I not surprised? She goes to the beach thinking sausage festival.

Looking out over the beach is a beautiful sight. Most of the time. Some people on the beach should wear larger swim suits. And I'm doing you a favor by not including a picture. You're welcome.

Yes, I'm a genius. Two proofs: 1) I did not vote for Barack Obama 2) I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night

Why we say "health care reform" when we really all know it's "health care takeover?"

"Deem & Pass" dead, but Dems had the votes? Remember what Admiral Ackbar said: It's a trap!

Had some Twitter back-and-forths with an idiot who can't spell, can't use proper punctuation, and can't think straight. Of course, she's a leftist. If you want to go laugh at her, she'd probably start spitting, spouting, and sputtering again.

Oh, and one other news item... Why you shouldn't load your car to the son of a friend, especially if you don't know his last name.

Are you following me on teh Twitter? What?? No?? Do something about that now!

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