Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Spy something sad ... and other news

Robert Culp died. He was a good actor. Very good.

I remember him for more than I Spy. He guest starred in lots of TV shows in the 1960s. And 1970s. And 1980s. And 1990s. And 2000s. He was good in dramatic roles, and comedy roles. He was a good actor. And he is missed.

Hated to start on a note like that, but that's more important than anything I got to say.

Oh, you want proof? Here ya go...

Shouldn't put a NSFW warning on Joe Biden's page?

Then, again, shouldn't put a NSFA (Not Safe For America) warning on Barack Obama's page?

If Biden had to tell Obama that the bill signing was a big f***ing deal, does that say more about Biden or Obama?

If the GOP's attempt to repeal Obamacare does not include digging up Ted Kennedy and reburying him face down, then I'm opposed to their efforts.

Have you bitch-slapped a socialist today?

Democrats believe descent is the highest form of patriotism.

And, no, I shouldn't have to say this, but yesterday, someone thought I had misspelled "dissent." I didn't. Democrats are taking the US on a path of descent, and are proud of it.

Don Surber math makes more sense than Obama math or Pelosi math: P(A)+I=O (Power times arrogance plus incompetence equals Obamacare.)

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