Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bye-bye baseball, part two

WTVM/WXTX sports anchor Dave Platta is a baseball fan. He's a sports fan. I mean, you don't do his job for as long as he has without loving it. And, no, he's not the only long-time news or sports anchor in Columbus.

But I like Dave. And, truth be told, the others sports reporters I've met at the ball park. Both those that are still here and those that have moved on. Still, Dave's a fixture here in Columbus. It just wouldn't be the same without him.

But enough of that.

Dave and I share a love for baseball, and a frustration that baseball will leave Columbus.

Only, Dave's been through it before. Twice before.

There used to be a team in Columbus called the Columbus Astros. They were, of course, an Astros affiliate. They called Columbus home for 21 years: 1970-1990, the last two years with the nickname "Mudcats."

In 1988, there was fear the team would move. They didn't. Not in that year. They were sold, and moved two years later.

And, when that team moved out and another moved in -- the Columbus Indians/RedStixx -- Columbus stll had a team. Then they were sold and moved. Columbus got the South Georgia Waves, who changed their name to the Columbus Catfish, and they've been here since 2003. This is their last year. They were sold. And they're moving.

I was here for the RedStixx departure. But Dave was here for, not only the RedStixx leaving town, but the Astros/Mudcats exodus.

Back in 1988, Dave had a report on the situation with the Columbus Astros. And I've enjoyed watching it on WTVM's Website.

That report is all too familiar, even though I hadn't seen it before (I didn't move here until the mid '90s).

Anyway, I've enjoyed watching it. Yesterday, I shared part 1 of the 1988 report. Today, part two.

By the way, Dave, along with anchor Andrew Whittenberg (who I also enjoy; they guy's a good reporter and funny as heck in person), is currently running a report on WTVM about the Catfish departure, and the reasons behind it.

It's an interesting series, and I'm looking forward to seeing it all as it airs this week.

The thing, though. The current series reminds me a lot of the 1988 series. I hope it ends with Columbus getting another team.

But I'm afraid it won't.

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