Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catfish won't be first team to leave Columbus

One of the joys I have attending the Columbus Catfish games isn't just the game, or meeting the other fans, but it's also meeting the media representatives.

Most of them are baseball fans. And people you enjoy being around.

One of the local reporters in Columbus I enjoy talking with and spending time around is Dave Platta, Sports Director for WTVM (ABC) and WXTX (Fox).

He's been in Columbus since 1985, a heckuva lot longer than I have lived in the area. And, back in 1988, he aired a series on the Columbus Astros, the Double-A Southern League team that was here. They were rumored to be leaving town. They eventually did, but not in 1988.

Anyway, the Columbus Catfish aren't the first team to experience attendance woes. Dave's 5-part series from 1988 is now available online at WTVM. And since I enjoyed it so much, I'm posting it here.

Dave looks a little different. Heck, we all look different than we did 20 years ago. But his voice is unmistakable.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series. And I'll have another installment of the series tomorrow.

Update: part 2

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