Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too quiet of a neighborhood?

When Monique Reid and Quincy Davidson moved in to their last residence, they wanted their privacy.
"When they first were moving in they asked me if it was a peaceful place, if people around here kept to themselves. I told them they'd have no problems here."
They got more than they bargained for. When they were killed several days ago -- possibly as long as three weeks ago, or more -- no one noticed. They weren't found until around 7:30 last night. The father of one of the victims found the bodies. In the last three weeks, I probably drove by that residence nearly half of those days. Perhaps they were dead all that time. Where I live ... and it's not all that far from the victims' residence ... it's a nice, quiet neighborhood. But we got one advantage. When someone comes around here, everyone knows. Heck, it's not unusual for the phone to ring and a neighbor be on the other end telling us that the Jehovah's Witnesses are making their rounds. I'm sure if someone dangerous came around, they'd let us know about that, too. If only Monique Reid and Quincy Davidson had lived in a not quite so quiet neighborhood. Update: WRBL reports two arrests. WTVM says on the air that one of those arrested is Davidson's cousin. So, if he is involved, a less quiet neighborhood would not have stopped the murders. But the bodies would have been found sooner. Update: The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer names the two men arrested -- Terrance Mays and Brandon Hall.

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