Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Drive offs will be shot

Driveoffs will be shot
Photo: WTVM
So, how are you handling the rise in gas prices?

There's one guy in Macon County, Alabama, that's having to deal with people stopping at his store, getting gas, then driving off.

Now, a lot of you might be wondering why there'd be drive offs if folks have to pay first.

The thing is, folks down here in this part of the country aren't all that used to paying first. The whole idea of driving off without paying for gas is, for many, many people ... folks that were raised right, anyway ... is unthinkable.

But there's plenty of folks that weren't raised right. They'll drive off.

And there's more and more of them down here. Some are born here and ain't raised right. Others come here from other areas ... and weren't raised right.

Bottom line is, there's folks driving off.

We don't like that down here. It's unacceptable. And some folks will do something about it.

Like the guy in Macon County, Alabama, that I mentioned.

He runs T & K Quick Stop on Alabama highway 199.

And, he's insisting that folks have to pay before they pump.

But, just in case someone manages to get gas without paying, and if they try to drive off, he's got something for them.

According to WTVM in Columbus, he'll bust a cap in their ass:
The gas station and country store beckons travelers to fill up with gas and buy a coke on a hot summer day. Owner Terence Merchant says southern hospitality is the cornerstone of his store, and so is what some call southern justice. He's posted a sign on all of his gas pumps warning those who might try to get gas without paying.

"The sign says, pay before you pump and drive offs will be shot at. I have a gun inside - yes - and I don't want to but I'm prepared to use it. I was outside and the guy disrespected me, by driving off so I'm just putting out a little warning," explained Merchant.

Since posting the signs about four months ago, Merchant hasn't had one gas drive off. Most of his customers appreciate what Merchant is trying to do and are happy to obey.
The news report questions whether or not the law would be on Merchant's side. I guess that depends on who'd be on the grand jury.

But, if you think he's wrong, and decide to pull a stunt like driving off from his station without paying for your gas, consider that he might end up being arrested.

Which would mean that folks would be saying about you, "Sure looks natural, don't he?"

I don't think it's worth it.

And, if I was on a grand jury, I'd fail to indict him.

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