Thursday, July 24, 2008

Headline News

Real headlines from real news sites with not-so-real subheads

From AJC:

McDonald's finds way to get Europeans to embrace fast food

McHaggis, Frog Nuggets debut on menu

From CBS News:

Italian Court: Jeans Do Not Prevent Rape

Other rulings include: Water is wet, Fire is hot

From CBS News:

Obama Shows Hawkish Side On Mideast Trip

Still afraid to face O'Reilly on Fox News

From CBS News:

Couple Claim Mysterious Noise Plagues Their House

Only occur when MTV is on

From CNN:

McCain, Obama causing marital tension

California wedding between candidates on the rocks

From CNN:

Study: Girls equal to boys in math skills

Test scores equal over 130% of the time

From CNN:

Ladies: 5 ways to get your sex life going

Ten, if you count the other hand

From CNN:

Obama tells Berlin: I am citizen of world

Withdraws from US presidential race, announces run for president of world

From Fox News:

Pack of Giant Bears Attacks Miners, Eats Two of Them

Yogi, Boo Boo sought for questioning

From Fox News:

Fossils Reveal Much Warmer Antarctic in Recent Past

Environmentalists blame Bush, time machine

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