Friday, July 25, 2008

Headline News

Real headlines from real news sites with not-so-real subheads

From BBC News:

New white whale spotted

Now a spotted whale

From CBS News:

McCain Makes Gains In Four Key States

Obama still leads in Iran, North Korea, Venezuela

From CBS News:

Obama's Daughters Aim For "Normal" Lives

McCain offers to help in November

From CNN:

Obama wins hearts, not minds, in Berlin

Obama continues to lead in mindless voters

From Fox News:

Mass. Mom Saw Only 1 Way Out of Foreclosure: Suicide

Still doesn't get to keep house

From Fox News:

Policeman Killed as Communists Storm Philippines Banana Farm

297,000,000 bananas freed

From Fox News:

U.S. Fentanyl Deaths Topped 1,000 Over Two Years

Obama demands US troops pull out of Fentanyl

From Fox News:

Complete Baby Tyrannosaurid Unearthed in Mongolia

New Hide-And-Seek record set


Scientists discover Jupiter-sized planet

Located between orbits of Mars and Saturn


Group: China world's top executioner

Texas demands recount

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