Friday, July 18, 2008

Part 5: Departure of baseball, 1988 style

This week, WTVM sports anchors Dave Platta and Andrew Whittenberg are running a series on the departure of the Columbus Catfish.

The Catfish will leave Columbus for Bowling Green, KY after this season is over.

But the Catfish aren't the first team to leave Columbus. In 2002, the RedStixx left, moving to Eastlake, OH, and becoming the Lake County Captains.

And before the RedStixx, there were the Columbus Mudcats, who where known as the Astros from 1970-1988. The Mudcats still exist, though as the Carolina Mudcats.

Back in 1988, it was feared the Astros would be sold and leave town. And Dave Platta did a 5-part series on that situation.

I've shared parts one, two, three and four. Here's part five.

I really enjoyed watching Dave's series from '88. Not that it had a happy ending, because it didn't.

The current series that Dave and Andrew are doing won't have a happy ending, either.

You win some, you lose some.

That's baseball.

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