Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer cold

Don't get summer colds very much.

In fact, not sure the last time I had one.

I've picked up a cold in winter time in recent years. Used to not get those, but apparently, I do in recent years.

But not a summer cold.

Until this year.

When we went to Chicago last week, The Wife picked up a cold or something. Monday, when we were dealing with Chicago traffic, she was miserable.

Part of it was the traffic. She hates difficult traffic. Not used to it.

But part of it was her coming down with a cold.

So, when we flew back from Chicago on Wednesday, she was miserable, suffering from a head cold.

I, on the other hand, felt just fine. Oh, sure, I felt bad for her. But my health? Just fine.

Until Friday.

Started feeling bad Friday night at the ball game. And, Saturday, I had a cold. Sunday, too. And Monday. And, yes, I know, today's Monday.

The Wife drove to work today, and I rode with her, as opposed to the normal situation: me driving and her riding with me.

I can't drive when I'm on cold medicine. And I am on cold medicine.

Apparently, I can work, though.

Lucky for me, I don't do anything important.

I just hope the folks at work don't figure that out.

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