Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mall panties

We took off to head to Savannah for a couple of days.

The impetus was my brother-in-law singing the National Anthem at a baseball game in Savannah on Friday night.

As it turned out, the game they asked to sing was a game between the Savannah Sand Gnats, my old team, and the Columbus Catfish, my current (but soon to be departed) team.

So, we decided to not only go to the game (or games, as it turned out) Friday, but to stay for the Saturday game as well.

Which meant spending the day in Savannah.

Which meant going to the mall.

So, we went to Savannah Mall.

And, on one end of Savannah Mall, on the second floor, is a Target. And, naturally, after stopping by the crafts store, we headed to Target.

Outside Target, on the floor, were some panties.

Black panties.

Not sure why.

Don't know if someone tried to get away with stealing them from Target and didn't quite succeed.

Or if the owner was in such a hurry she couldn't wait and tore them off.

Or if they just fell off.

Or if Tom Jones is making the mall circuit (a la Tiffany).

Or what.

I'm content to leave it as "or what."

There are some things it's best to not know.

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