Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brother-in-law sings the National Anthem

Friday night, before game two of a double header between the Columbus Catfish and the Savannah Sand Gnats, my brother-in-law ... who I've known years longer than my sister has known him ... sang the National Anthem.

He did alright.

[The YouTube]

He was thrilled with the honor of being asked to sing The Star-Spangled Banner at a baseball game in Savannah.

And we're proud for him.


  1. There was someone much closer to the camera that didn't do so well. Was that Basil?

  2. No, t'wasn't me. I was manning the camera.

    That was the first group of fans that joined in the singing, some soldiers, from their appearance (Hunter Army Air Field is in Savannah, and Ft. Stewart's not that far away, either). They were located right behind my left shoulder. You can see Johnny look over at them shortly after they join in.

    Other fans joined in, on the first base side, and Johnny turned to face them, too.

    By the time he was done, nearly the entire crowd had joined in.


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