Monday, August 4, 2008

Headline News

Real headlines from real news sites with not-so-real subheads

From BBC News:

Microsoft sees end of Windows era

Mac sale increase

From BBC News:

Georgia accused of lethal attack

Florida calls police

From BBC News:

Eight more deaths linked to bug

Killer aphid sought

From BBC News:

Parents forget child at airport

Kevin McCallister can't catch a break

From CBS News:

"Hidden" Van Gogh Found -- In Plain Sight!

Mary Shannon strikes it rich

From CBS News:

Woman, 97, Says Cat's Yowling Saved Her From Fire

Underwriters Laboratory approves burning cat fire alarm

From CNN:

'Underwear researcher' indicted

Attorney files briefs seeking dismissal

From CNN:

Chicago confronts a crime wave

Now in 171st year

From Fox News:

Researchers Recreate Universe's First Star

Second Obama created in laboratory

From Reuters:

Ancestor of T-Rex dinosaur unearthed in Poland

John McCain's baby brother found

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