Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A word from our sponsors...

Today's Stain of the Day is brought to you by Deli Central, 1207 Broadway, Columbus.

If you're a full-grown man who still needs a bib, then try the new Pizza Lunch Special at Deli Central.

Go into your next meeting wearing a white shirt with a large, red, pizza sauce stain! Let others know what a jackass you are!

This is possible by being a complete klutz and eating pizza for lunch.

Deli Central. 1207 Broadway. Open from 10:00 to 4:00 daily. Starting Monday... breakfast!

Our second Stain of the Day is brought to you by Tide To Go.

Stain of the Day II

Got an unsightly stain? Like, say, pizza? On a white shirt? And have meetings after lunch?

No worries! You've got Tide To Go.

Turn that dime-sized red stain into a grapefruit-sized orange stain with new Tide To Go.

Let others know that, you're not only a jackass who can't eat properly, but when you try to fix something, you only make it worse!

Tide To Go. From Proctor & Gamble, proud sponsors of TV's lowest rated soap opera, Guiding Light.

We know return to our regularly-scheduled blogging.

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  1. *looks down at own pizza stain shaking head shamefully*


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